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 21st century Wire "News for the Waking Generation™"  Independent media voice for geopolitical news and analysis, working with an array of contributors aggregating news and opinion from around the world.

 Fracking Nightmare An industry which is being supported by the very same politicians, along with their media and corporate "buddies" who bombarded us with warnings about global warming and climate change. Check out the Evidence and Facts about what could be an even even worse environmental disaster to befall us all, especially in England and Scotland. If you Honestly Care about the future our children and grandchildren, please educate yourself about Dangers of the Shale Gas Extraction method known as "Fracking"!

 Russia Today An English Spoken TV & Web Based Channel that Tells the News "as it is". Years ago who would have thought that we would now have a Russian News Source for the truth!. For other On Air Sources, Click Here >> [/]

 UK Column LIVE
In depth Analysis and Views of Current News items presented in world Media. Live News broadcast from Mon-Fri at 1pm If you miss any edition it is available in an on demand archive. Also other shows informative shows and documentaries during the day and evening

How many more reasons do we need to see that the EU is dismantling our country through the continuous passing of unfair legislation. This is along with the resulting theft, (because that's really what it is), of peoples hard earned wealth. If you are approaching retirement or are already retired please check this article out > DAILY EXPRESS 01/05/14

 Natural Health News Non-Profit Network of public education websites with the aim to empower people in making positive changes with health, environmental, &  consumer choices.

 Stop the War Coalition
Founded in September 2001, following 9/11 when George W. Bush announced the "war on terror", Stop the War has been dedicated to ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, bringing the troops home and forcing the British government to change its disastrous foreign policies.

 Alliance for Natural Health A research, educational and advocacy non-profit organisation who work to promote natural and sustainable health-care. They are passionate in helping people empower themselves to gain freedom of choice in health-care, including access to a diverse array of natural options. They believe this should be the basis of future health-care.

Hero's of Truth
The Links below lead to content where Honest, Dedicated & Brave People reveal the TRUTH about issues that are, (intentionally) putting HUMANITY'S future and freedoms at Risk. Their credibility lies with the fact that they were formerly involved with or working in Careers and Projects supporting specific Agendas.
 CHRISTEN MEGHAN - Don't Know about or Believe in CHEMTRAILS
 KEVIN ANNETT - Press Conference - Canadian Embassy NYC
 ROBERT GREEN - interview before he was sentenced with NO  jury.