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 UK Column LIVE  - Critcal Views of Current News as "Sold" to us by the M\ainstream Media.

 Natural Health News   -  Non-Profit Network of public education websites with the aim to empower people in making positive changes with health, environmental, &  consumer choices.

 Russia Today  - An English Spoken TV & Web Based Channel that Tells the News "as it is". Years ago who would have  thought that we would now have a Russian News Source for the truth. For On Air Sources, Click Here >> [/]

 Alliance for Natural Health -
 Latest :- The illogic of food, supplement & electronic  device laws.
 CLICK HERE >>> [ENTER] to Read one of their most _Important eAlerts: Entitled "Lawmakers' illogic"

 Paradigmshift / ShowcaseTV (PSTV)
  - Dedicated to broadcasting uncensored on the UK Sky television platform PSTV are committed to increasing awareness through enlightened media productions. Supporting shifts in paradigm, they are committed to increasing awareness through enlightened media productions.

 Stop the War coalition
  Founded in September 2001, following 9/11 when George W. Bush announced the "war on terror", Stop the War has been dedicated to ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, bringing the troops home and forcing the British government to change its disastrous foreign policies.

 The Peoples Voice
- Launched in November 2013 TPV is a world wide TV and Radio station which is completely independant and offers anyone the opportunity to air programmes which provide unbiased truth, there is also a platform for musicians and entertainers that are either startuing out or have been rejected by the "mainstream"  as they wish to use thier creativity without being restricted.

 Fracking Nightmare -Are you fed up with hearing about climate change and the mainstream media repeating the governments lines which makes it seem to be all our fault. Well if you haven't already, check out what could be an even even worse environmental disaster that could befall us, our children and grandchildren.This is an industry which is being fully supported by the very same politcians. If you Really Care about the future, educate yourself about the Dangers of Shale Gas Extraction known as "Fracking"!